Filter Studio by Camera Buildings Filter Studio by Camera Buildings: beautiful, flexible, prefab space, built off-site and delivered to you, no permit required.
furnished $25000.00
Product description: 107 sqft (10 square metres) prefabricated backyard studio. 8'-5" by 12'-8", cedar rainscreen exterior, finished interior with built-in furniture, lighting, hardwood flooring.
Tiny houses and small, beautiful prefab spaces are Camera Buildings focus. Filter Studio is a compact backyard studio that creates the beautiful, useful space you want, without the difficulty of permits and on-site construction. Created from experience with high-quality tiny houses, Filter Studio uses a western red cedar rainscreen exterior to withstand the elements, while a matching louvred cedar screen overlays windows wrapping around the building, creating shade, privacy, and enclosure. Inside, Filter Studio is made with healthy, low-VOC interior finishes and custom built-in wood furniture. Its name, Filter Studio, is derived from the visual effect of the sun passing through the cedar shades: warm light reflected off the cedar shades casting a glow  across the ceiling while direct light filters through the exterior, projecting changing patterns onto the bright interior surfaces. At night Filter Studio becomes a lantern, casting the light of efficient LED lighting into the night, out through the screen of the exterior. The fixed angle of Filter Studio's wooden screen creates the effect of privacy from above and below while views directly out are unimpeded. The carefully detailed exterior is hand made in British Columbia from western red cedar designed to age gracefully to a natural bleached grey. Available at $25,000 fully finished and complete with built-in furniture, Filter Studio is the easiest way to add high-quality space to your home.

filter studio: the prefab backyard studio

If you're looking for extra space, filter studio is your compact, prefab solution:

Prefab: out of sight

filter studio is built off-site and arrives ready to connect. That means no noise, no dust, and no disruption while it's built.

Simplified process

Because filter studio is under 10 square metres, it requires no building permit when used as an accessory building. It's fast and easy, with no delay, no headache.


Your layout and your interior can be customized to meet your needs.

High standards

Among other features, filter studio comes standard with efficient LED lighting, solid hardwood flooring, and healthy low-VOC interior finishes.

How it works

1. Get in touch

Talk to us about how filter studio can work for you. Our team is happy to help you find the best solution for you.

2. Foundation

While your studio is built, a foundation is prepared on site. While every site is different, we are happy to provide foundation services or help you or your contractor to do the groundwork.

3. Delivery

Once your filter studio is ready, we deliver it complete to you and install it onto the foundation. Free delivery within lower mainland British Columbia!

4. Connection

A licensed electrician can connect to your electrical service. We are happy to make a recommendation.

Where can I put it?

The footprint of filter studio is 12'-8" by 8'-5". You can put your filter studio wherever your local zoning rules allow an accessory building - check your local municipal building authority for details. We're happy to help determine what rules apply to your site, but please note that you are responsible for determining if your use is compliant. Filter studio can also be built mobile, with an integrated trailer.

Get started

Get in touch and let us help you with your project! Be sure to let us know the best way to reach you. Our filter studio show model is for sale and available for viewing. To arrange a visit, contact us below:,

+1 604 306 0718 (9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Pacific Standard Time)