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8'-4" by 12'
100 sqft

| 8'-4" by 12' 100 sqft

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The plan and image will update in real time. Use the icons at the bottom left corner of the image to change the view. Select a different model from which to work by using the buttons below. Once you've made your selections, click 'proceed' to get in touch to let us help you with your project.

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This design tool is for information only. Exact design and pricing will be coordinated between customers and Western Camera Buildings Inc.

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Please note that colors shown are for visualization only, as they are not accurately shown by computer monitors. A variety of colors are available, including natural finishes. Specific color choice will be coordinated during design consultation.

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What's Included

The Lighthouse is now customizable, certifiable, and ready to order!

With loft, bathroom, kitchen, living and work space options, the Lighthouse is a fully functional building designed for one or two people. Well-insulated and weather tight, it is ready for four-season use while windows and skylights provide ample daylight and ventilation.

Please be aware: prices are shown in $CAD and are subject to change without notice.

As shown

Move-in ready with no assembly required, the Lighthouse variations as shown include everything from the trailer to lighting, coming fully finished with a bright, healthy interior and a variety of cladding options. Also included are built-in furniture, wiring and plumbing as required by the design selected, and energy efficient appliances.

Starting at

The basics: we’re pleased to be able to offer a streamlined version of the Lighthouse to maximize its potential uses and as a starting point for DIY. This version lets you select only what you want by excluding some items, such as the trailer, built-in furniture, some windows, and wiring, while including the basics: the framed structure and weather-tight building envelope with wall cladding and roof, and a finished plywood interior.


Your building should fit you. Check out some of the different configuration options in the tabs above!


Camera Buildings focus on sustainable design through energy efficiency, reclaimed materials, and a healthy interior environment. While a small size already reduces the environmental impact of a building, material choices are also made with an emphasis on maintaining a healthy indoor air quality and using reclaimed and recycled components where appropriate. Rigid foam insulation, high airtightness, and vented rainscreen construction in addition to compact, efficient spaces make the building easy to heat, cool, and ventilate, contributing to energy efficiency.

Insurance and Financing

Camera Buildings can be certified as Park Model Trailers. This designation means that your building will be certified as built to an accepted construction standard. This allows it to be financed and insured as a park model trailer.

Lead time

Construction lead time is typically eight to fourteen weeks from the time of order until the building is ready for pick-up or delivery, depending on the design selected. Lead time may be increased by the certification.


Camera Buildings are designed to be towable and don’t require special permits, licenses, or vehicles in many jurisdictions. As such, you’re welcome to come pick yours up from our Vancouver production location. We can also help you arrange transport with a shipping company from our location to yours, anywhere in Canada or the United States. Delivery is free within lower mainland British Columbia.

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Get in touch and let us help you with your project! Be sure to let us know the best way to reach you.


+1 604 306 0718 (9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday Pacific Standard Time)