Our tiny house mission

What comes to mind when you think of construction? If it's large, disruptive projects and confusing, expensive methods we want to change that. Camera Buildings is focused on making beautiful, flexible, sustainable buildings easy, simple, and affordable.

Size counts.

What's the common denominator that makes this possible? By focusing on small spaces and tiny houses, your building can be prefabricated, which allows for better quality control and more efficient construction while minimizing disruption. Your small building is more sustainable by radically lowering both the impact of initial construction as well as the ongoing energy requirements, and has better value by concentrating resources on high-quality design and construction rather than more empty space.


From Latin for 'chamber' or 'room', the first cameras were small buildings made for light. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the premise of Camera Buildings is simple, if getting there isn't: what if you could do more with less? We believe that buildings should suit your needs and be beautiful, flexible, and sustainable.

That's why we're building them.